About CocaGame

We produce cool casual games.



This is the most popular game all over the world, once you start, you can't stop!
How to play:
1.Tap at least 2 neighboring candies with the same color
2.Pop them with the most candies



《PET POP》This is a great game. Easy to learn, but hard to master. Create sets of 3 or more in a line to make them disappear. and move fast to get higher score. Enjoy this nice game with your friends in Game Center.



《Greedy Rabbit》 Greedy rabbits always steal carrots from the field and the farmers have built fences to prevent them. But these rabbits have learned to dig burrows! They are stealing carrots again from the burrows. Go and knock them down! Greedy Rabbit is a quick-response game where you can choose many ways to play. Be it hitting in a row or hitting the same one repeatedly, you will practice your finger skills and enjoy the game every day!